Children’s Sozo E-Course


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Many adults have experienced the benefits of Sozo, and want to see children saved, healed, and set free as well!
Our heart is that every child would know Jesus as their best friend, and that their relationship would grow and mature, for the rest of their lives.

Sue Elliott, who has been leading Bethel Children’s Sozo for 20 years, teaches how to use Bethel Sozo with children, as well as some special exercises which help kids connect with Jesus.

Order your seat in the virtual classroom today!

Please note – this e-course login access is good for one user, and you can go at your own pace.

We have made it possible to use this material at live, in-person (not virtual, online, or video streaming) group trainings by simply purchasing a per-person add on for group trainings. The group must be in the same physical room at the same time. This is only good for a single live training, it doesn’t include multiple log-ins. 

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